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Keep Your Family Safe and Home Clean – Remove Rats and Stay Safe

Rats are the prime rodents in Brisbane, Australia. The rodents do not only affect the home interiors but also the exterior areas and fields. So, when it comes to rodent removal or rat control, you need to consider cleaning both your interior section and lawn area or garden.

Why do you find rats at a property?

When it comes to controlling rats at a property, you need to check out the reasons why they are infiltrating. The prime reason why rats infest your property is related to the abundance of food, shelter, and nesting

Rats visit your property for food. They search the bins, the kitchen, and the leftover food at any corner of the home, or your lawn or garden area. Once they find what they are searching for, they make their way inside the home through any entry point, followed by a safe exit that would initially remain undetected to the residents.

Inside your home, if they find any place with moisture and dust, they will try to build up their nest there. An area with enough moisture offers the temperature for the rats to relax and breed. Once they start breeding inside your home, you need to be aware and search for a professional service for rodent control in Brisbane to get rid of the menaces.

How to get rid of Rats?

You can primarily maintain a cleaner approach to your home interior to avoid rat and mouse infestation. When you want them to stay away from your property, you need to take care of your garden area as well. The lower branches should be trimmed off. If the garden area is full of raw fruits and seeds, you must try to clean them at least twice a week. Along with that, you need to keep your dustbin sealed to prevent rats and various pests from infiltrating your home. Finally, to avoid any potential contamination of your home interior and exterior, you need to ask a professional rodent control service to visit your place.

Why Rats are threats to your family?

Rats are the worst creatures that you may ever wish to live with. It is not only about their ability to contaminate the foods and drinks of humans but also the reason that they sometimes open ways for several pests inside your home. Food and drink contamination is a common occurrence, as rats and mice search kitchens for stored foods, and make their way to the storages. Even on rare occasions, people might find them inside their fridges. The abundance of food attracts them, as they tend to expand their population from time to time. Rat droppings, rat fur, as well as their saliva and bites, can cause several life-threatening diseases.

Rats are not just threatening to humans, but they may also affect your pets as well. Dogs and cats can eat rats, but at times, rats may infect them with rabies viruses. Among many mammals genuinely considered rodents, rats are the ones that may be affected by rabies virus. Rat fleas are known for causing plague among humans. A dead rat is equally dangerous as a live one. So, if you find any sign of rat infestation at your home, searching for “Rats Pest Control near me” can help you secure your time, health, and money.

How do Experts remove dead rats?

The pest and rodent control experts follow the smell of a dead rat, or any other possible sign to find it. Once it becomes visible, an expert from your local pest control department will spray disinfectant on and around it. Once the sprayed disinfectant sets in on the dead body of the rodent, the expert will pick up the dead creature and again spray a mixed rodenticide to ensure that nothing around gets contaminated by the fleas or bacteria carried by the rodent. Then it will be safely removed for disposal at a far area to prevent any more contamination.

What if irregular mice infestation is noticed at home?

If your home does not experience any prominent sign of rat or mouse infestation, yet you see one or two rodents every other day, you need to be cautious and cover your food and water resources to prevent contamination. Then you should search online for “rat control near me” to meet and seek suggestions from rodent control experts from the locality to find a stable solution to the issue.

The Life-Threatening Diseases Caused By Rats

Rats transmit many life-threatening diseases like hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), leptospirosis, Salmonella, and Tularemia. The droppings indicate a healthy rat population. They leave dirt and grease marks along floorboards and walls. Rodents may cause considerable property damage by chewing through wiring in car engines, homes, and other places. Dead rats are a bigger problem. The Mice removal Brisbane uses a dead rat odour eliminator.

Mice and rats spread over 35 diseases globally. These ailments can be spread to humans directly through direct or indirect contact with rodent urine, faeces, or saliva or by rodent bites.

Rats transmit direct and indirect diseases that are Life-threatening

● Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Rodents may cause potentially fatal infections which lead to this serious disease. Infection may happen by breathing in contaminated air from rodent droppings and urine.

● Leptospirosis

The bacterial infection spreads through the infected mammals and their urine.

You are vulnerable to getting the disease through direct contact with urine through the water, soil, water, infected animals, and contaminated food. The disease mostly found in warm climates.

● Rat-bite Fever

Streptobacillus moniliformis is responsible for causing this disease.

● Salmonellosis

Salmonella bacteria causes infection. Transmission of germs happens due to water contamination and food.

The infection is most common among children. People who have compromised immune systems, like older adults, babies, and patients with AIDS, are more likely to suffer from such critical illnesses.

● Plague

Plague is a critical bacterial infection transmitted by fleas.

The bacteria called Yersinia pestis are accountable for the bubonic plague. It can spread through infected fleas.

● Colorado Tick Fever

Once you get Colorado tick fever (CTF), you will have symptoms like chills, fever, body aches, headache, and feeling tired. Some patients may suffer from vomiting, skin rash, sore throat, and abdominal pain.

● Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Cutaneous leishmaniasis can cause skin lesions, especially ulcers on exposed parts of the body. It leaves life-long scars and serious disabilities. Around 95% of CL cases found in the Americas, the Middle East and Central Asia, and the Mediterranean basin.

How do Rodents impact health?

Rats may cause you painful bites. Usually, they bite to defend themselves. The victims may contract rat-bite fever and tetanus infections. 

Redness, pain, and swelling, around the bite, bacterial infections, pus-filled wounds, streptobacillary rat-bite fever, and spirally rat-bite fever occur.

Joint pain, fever, vomiting, muscle ache, rash, and headache are common symptoms of streptobacillary rat-bite fever. Normally, they appear after 3-10 days from when someone gets a bite from an infected rat.

However, spirillary rat-bite fever symptoms often vary from individual to individual. Swelling, repetitive fever, swollen lymph nodes, rabies, and an ulcer may develop one to three weeks after the site of the bite. Nevertheless, rats and mice are very rarely infected with rabies, and they do not transmit this infection to humans.

Rat bites could be deep or shallow. It may lead to a single puncture bleed and numerous abrasions. Victims may bleed. Never forget to take Tetanus immunization in case of rodent bites; also, clean and disinfect the area properly. 

When you are not certain, it is better to call experienced wildlife services like rat control Brisbane. To get rid of the corpse immediately, call rat removal specialist Brisbane who can remove the bodies quickly.

As per a local cal rat removal company, Brisbane, decomposing bodies, if not disposed of correctly, can become a breeding ground for flies. 

Parasites find a compatible host for your pets. The pathogens carried by rats may poison you and thereby result in an ailment like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and tularemia. To prevent any unwanted problems, you can browse for 24 hour rat control near me.

Need of decontamination 

Maintaining hygiene does not only help disinfect your house but also gives you a feel-good experience. Take the right cleanup process to remove dead rat carcasses from your home. However, you may try DIYs like proper hygiene precautions and wearing a mask and rubber gloves. Powerful chemical solutions help kill germs and bacteria. You must disinfect, scrub, and deodorize every nook and cranny of your home and wash away your clothes regularly to kill any lagging bacteria. 

The rat removal Brisbane helps sanitize your house with the best equipment and thereby stopping rats from spreading germs. 

Dead rats generate a foul smell. Do a location-specific search like a 24 hour rat removal service near me and get the best solution at an affordable mouse removal cost.

Recognizing the Warning Signs of a Rat Infestation

Having a rat infestation in your house is nasty, and you need to take some measures to keep these nasty creatures away as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Rats tend to have red or grey coarse fur and have long, furless tails. Black eyes and weigh around a pound or a half a pound. A rate can grow up to a size of 19 inches.

Inspection is very important for rat removal in Brisbane. Due to their larger size, it is not too difficult to spot them and track their activity around the place. You need to do a thorough inspection of your place to find its nest and then use a suitable pest control method to kill it. If you feel you are not up for the task after inspecting the task and need professional help, you can take assistance from rat removal specialist Brisbane services.

You need to find out where it enters the place, nesting inside your place, giving birth to babies, or bringing anything new in the house. After finding the details get ready for rat removal. 

Although rats mainly do their work when no one in the house or at night when you are sleeping, is it still fairly easy to track their movements if you spot one. There are signs that the rats leave behind that can tell you if you need to be prepared for a rat removal strategy or not.

Here Are Some of The Warning Signs:


Have you recently noticed a large number of droppings in specific areas of your house? If yes, then you have a large rat infestation problem. You are advised to hire the best rat removal service in Brisbane to deal with the problem.

Droppings of varying sizes imply that both children and adult rats are present. Rat droppings tend to be larger than mice droppings and are putty-like when new but are hard when old.

Placing baits around these areas will help you to catch one or the other of these annoying creatures.


They can build their nest anywhere. It could be outside your place, or it could be inside. If it is outside your house, check your garden thoroughly. There can be burrows or feel holes where the rat is residing.

For nesting places within your home, check your closets, wardrobes, basement, and cellars. These places tend to be dingy and are perfect places for the rats to take shelter. Once you find the place, destroy the nest.

Gnawed Holes

Do the doors or the walls in your house have big gnawed holes? Yep, you have a rat infestation, and you need to search ‘dead rodent removal near me’ to find the best Rodent control service in your area.

Urine Odor

If you have a rat infestation, you will smell nasty urine odor throughout the place. It will be hard not to smell it since it’s very strong.

These are just signs that you may have a rat infestation. But do not try to deal with the problem yourself; wait for a professional.

The Terror of Squirrels- Get Prevention Now

Our home should be where we can seek comfort after a long day of hard work. Where we know no more stress or task will be waiting for us. But that’s an impossibility when that place of peace is filled with pests or under the attack of any kind of pests.

Squirrels might look cute and fluffy but they sure can be very damaging at some times. Even though squirrels might look entirely different from rodents, but they are a part of Rodentia, just like mice and rats. So, in logic, calling a rat removal near me can take care of squirrel invasions.

Damage Brought Upon By Squirrels

Squirrels are not like other pests, they are bigger and that’s why their damages are also bigger and costly. They can bring damage to different parts of your property and things and the best way to prevent them is by locating their activity areas. But their main activity area is the attic and they often enter a house from the chimney. However, here is a list of things that squirrels damages:

  • Damaged and uprooted plants in the garden
  • Chewed down a bird feeder or any containers that contain seeds, foods, etc
  • Destroyed wires and vents with chew marks
  • Appearing holes in the roof
  • Small, new dug up holes in various places that weren’t there before

Best Ways to Prevent These Damages

Where there is a will, there is a way. This is why we have brought you these tips for preventing such damaging situations easily.

  • For protecting the garden from these adorable beasts, cayenne paper works the best. But if you don’t have that at home red chili flacks, paprika or another spicy seasoning can work for this tip too. Sprinkle the spice around the plants, especially at the roots. You can also mix the spices with water and spray the fruits with it.
  • The best way to prevent them from entering the home would be to stop encouraging them. And that will get done when you’ll stop feeding them. Feeding them will only invite them further.
  • Installing a net, fence and another type of barricade would be another best method. By doing this you can protect your garden and also prevent them from entering inside the house.
  • Install motion-activated sprinkler system around the house. So that whenever squirrels will set foot anywhere near your house, they can get scared away.
  • Plant mint around the gardens. The strong smell of mint might be aromatic for us, but it sure is hated by squirrels. Plant the peppermint pots around the edges of the garden for best effects.

If all these tips don’t budge them, then try calling the emergency dead rat removal Brisbane, as only a professional can get the job done with precision.

Rats Pest Control in Brisbane

Rats and mice are medium sized long tailed mammals. Mice are much smaller than rats. These animals are notorious as they can spoil food, destroy valuable possessions and spread various diseases. In fact, mice can contaminate about 10 times the amount of food they eat. They are very adaptive in nature and can survive in various environment. These creatures carry many harmful parasites that can cause serious diseases which can lead to death. They are also hosts for fleas which may cause diseases like plague and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. This sickness mostly influences those with debilitated immune systems and may bring about headache, fever, and meningitis. It can also cause intricacies amid pregnancy. Not only rats but their feces are also dangerous for human beings; rat urine can cause leptospirosis that damages liver and kidney.

Rats and mice are both greatly dangerous within agricultural communities. Various species feast upon seeds and grains. The defecation and pee of a few rodents may debase surfaces with which they come into contact. It is no big surprise that any mortgage holder would do anything to get rid of these little tormenters.

Types of Rats found in Australia

Most species that afflict the homes of Brisbane are Roof rats, marsh rice rats, rice rats, Norway Rats and Brown Rats. Long-haired rats, house rats, and bush rats are some other species found in Australia.

Signs of Rat infestation

If you begin to witness one or more rodent hastening from one end to another in your house and also notice rat droppings, littering your house all over. Then this is high time to understand that your house has been infested by rats. As these creatures grow in population very quickly, rat control is best started prior to infestation. There are various chemical products are available for the controlling of rats, but they can survive against them because of their adaptability. The best way of getting rid of rats is proper cleaning, sweeping and washing of all parts of the house. Store all the food items with proper covering and seal their harborages.

Be it a business property or a private one, the Rats pest control Brisbane is a definitive answer for dispose of rat infestation without a moment’s delay.