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Rats are a nightmare. The sneaky little creatures destroy all the wooden furniture in your house, you cannot leave any food out in the open, and they make the house smell stinky! 

If you are currently facing a rat infestation at your place, then you should try out these few methods mentioned in this article to remove these annoying creatures for good. Don’t worry. These are tried, and obviously tested methods that we are sure are going to work for you! 

If they do not, at least these will keep the situation under control until you hire a removal service

Seal all the holes in your house

Rats are sneaky by nature. You will not even realize when they have sneaked in. It is only when you find wooden dust and a whole lot of mess in your house will you realize that you need rat removal experts.

The first step of rat removal is to seal all the holes around and in your house. Use rodent-proof materials to make sure that these creatures cannot bite these off. You will find a lot of holes in the vent, in your windows, and your walls- seal all of these up. 

Time To Clean Your Yard 

When was the last time you cleaned your yard? Take a look at your garden. Is it filled with garbage? A lot of littering? Well, it is time to declutter the yard. 

A yard that is filled with garbage is more likely to attract rodents who will ultimately invade your house. So, keeping the yard clean will keep the rodents at bay. 

If you love gardening, then make sure that you plant the shrubs and the bushes at a distance of 3 feet from your house. The gap is important to keep your place safe from rodent attacks. 

Build A Wall

One of the guaranteed rat removal ways is to build a wall. Construct a cement wall or use crushed rocks as a barrier. Keep the height 2 feet to keep the rodents out of the way. 

Leave Mint Leaves Around Your Place 

Rats do not like the scent of mint leaves. They avoid places where the scent of mint is strong. You can spread mint leaves around the house to keep the rats away. 

If you have a garden, plant mint leaves around the garden to create some kind of a barrier. Peppermint oil can also do wonders. Grab a bottle of peppermint oil and apply it everywhere indoors. This will do the trick. If the smell starts fading after some time, reapply it. Keep doing this until you call for the best pest control

Get A Cat

Keeping a pet also keeps rodents away. If you never thought of getting a cat, you should get one now. These furry friends are great deterrents to these sneaky creatures! 

If the rodent infestation is out of control, you need to call for an expert. Get the best pest control in Brisbane

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