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Rats are unwanted intruders in your house. Mice are not only unsightly, but they can carry illnesses that might harm you or others you care about. Walls, insulation, and electrical wires are no match for their destructiveness. Mice removal Brisbane is the only way to recover your house and bring it back in order.

You can do this securely and successfully – don’t worry about it. Or you can hire a local mouse and rat exterminator to help you.

Rats Pest Control Brisbane has helped tens of thousands of people get rid of their rat infestations. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to keep rodents at bay.

Let’s get right in.

Rats and issues you can face

We all know what rats look like, but did you know where they live, how they find a place to call their own, and what they eat?

They originated in Asia and Australia and have since spread around the globe. It is calculated that there are more than 60 different species of rat, according to the ITIS.

In terms of size, rats may be as little as 5 inches long, but they can also grow to the size of a big housecat and weigh up to 5 pounds. This is why only a 24 hour rat control Brisbane service can help you eliminate them.

How To Get Rid Of mouse In The House Fast?

No one likes to share their home with rats. Fortunately, the following pointers may assist you in your attempt to rid your house of rats.

1. Inspect The Home

You cannot eradicate rats without first thoroughly assessing your house to determine the source of their infestation.

Take a good look around the exterior of your home for visible entry spots like broken drainpipes and garage door breaches, as well as gaps around vents and holes in the foundation.

Look for possible entry holes within the home, such as the vents, drains, appliance lines, and other similar openings. Once you learn where the rats are getting into the house, you may block the entrance sites and put traps in place. You can also hire a professional to inspect your home by searching online for a “mice exterminator near me”.

2. Seal The Gaps

You don’t need a massive hole in your wall for rats to come into your home. They can come through any opening that you can poke through with two fingers. Consider this while repairing any cracks or holes in your home’s walls, both inside and outside.

Fill up these cracks with wire wool, metal kick plates, cement, or caulk for long-term effects. Make sure they’re in good condition by checking them out a few times a month.

Advice: Consult an expert if you’re having trouble figuring out where the entry points are by searching for “rat removal near me”.

3. Clean Up

Rats are nocturnal creatures, and they’re always on the lookout for a spot to hide. Eliminating rats’ hiding spots is a great technique to get rid of them without poison. Move things away from the walls in and around your house to clear up space.

Make sure to store all food and waste in closed containers, mop up spills quickly, and maintain your plumbing system free of obstructions.

4. Consider Trapping

Trapping has been the most successful method of eradicating rats since rodenticides and strong poisons have gone out of favour or have been forbidden. You may reduce rat populations without the use of poisonous traps.

In the event that you decide to set your traps, make careful to put as many as possible in high-activity areas. Bait with peanut butter, unsalted seeds, bananas, or apples.

Consider employing a pest control company if you don’t want to place the traps yourself. You can find such an expert by looking online for “mice removal near me”.

5. Use Natural Deterrent Methods

A few basic, natural substances may go a long way in eradicating rats.

Try these natural alternatives:

  • Sprinkle peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, black pepper, or cloves around the outside of the house to deter rats from gaining in. Apply a liberal amount of the material of your choosing to the line between your foundation and the ground.
  • Douse rat tunnels and apertures with pepper (or pepper spray) as a deterrent. As a consequence, your property will be less attractive to rats since they will be put off from returning.

6. Call A Professional Pest Management Company

A local pest control firm can assist you in getting rid of rats if you have them in your walls.

To keep rats out of your walls and prevent more damage, they will assist you in determining the ports of the entrance, nesting locations, and food caches they use to get into your property.

Find them by searching on Google for “local rat removal company Brisbane”.


With the information you’ve learned here, you’ll have a rat-free home in no time! Rats Pest Control Brisbane, on the other hand, can get and keep rats out of your house if you require their assistance.

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