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Rats and mice are medium sized long tailed mammals. These tiny creatures are not adorable by any means. They are destructive in nature and carry diseases. They enter in your house in search of food and shelter and wreck havoc on your home by spoiling food, destroying property and spreading various diseases. If rat infestation occurs in your house, your safety gets compromised and repairing the damages will drain your hard-earned dollars.

Harmful Effects of Rat Infestation

It can be very upsetting and sickening to see a rodent or mouse in the house. Rodents can cause harm with their biting, urine and droppings. They also contaminate food and spread various diseases. Here are a few problems that can arise from rat infestations.

Fire and floods

Rats love to bite on wires, insulation and practically anything. Electrical harm caused by rodents isn’t simply costly—it’s perilous. Whenever mice or rats strip off the protective insulation, uncovered wires can start an electrical fire, and the outcomes can be dreadful. Rodents may even come in contact with electrical boards and areas that can influence the electrical framework for your entire home.

In the meantime, rodents follow pipes. When they’ve bitten an opening in one, water spills out, harming your property and possibly gives rise to a flood. Also, based on the pipes they bite, your home could encounter a gas leak, or your sewage system may be harmed.


Rat colonies are associated to unpleasant smells and severe health issues. Rat infestation can add to foul odors that can cause asthma, allergies and cause respiratory issues. Rats are notorious as they leave their urine and droppings everywhere in your home which can cause serious smell issues that require sterilization.


Although rats eat only about 3 grams of food per day, they are responsible for contaminating and destroying 10 times more food than they eat. Germs present in rat urine, saliva and droppings contaminate cabinets, counters and most surfaces. They can cause various foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis.

How to Protect your Home

The most ideal approach to safeguard yourself from rodents inside your property, is to keep your home clear of leftovers that may draw mice and rats looking for food.

Furthermore, ensure that you have pests dealt with instantly when you see an issue – before they have an opportunity to grow their population.

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