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In the house and the cities, it is not easy to get rid of the rats’ presence.

In flats located in urban areas, the following risks must be taken care of:

City rats often come from sewers, subways, garages, storage rooms, and parks, from where they can enter houses searching for food.

They are usually introduced from the street through manholes and drains, climbing up the walls or using downspouts and ascents.

10 ways to keep rate out of your house:

There is a direct cause between the appearance of rats and mice and the dirt of a house without cleaning, so let’s not make it easy!

Like any animal, rats prefer to have their burrow in a safer and more comfortable place for their young, and where food is guaranteed.

1. Keep the house clean and tidy: The accumulation of dirt and junk, clothes, paper, etc. in an uncontrolled way can serve as sources of food and shelter for rodents.

2. Store food in sturdy closed containers or cabinets, cleaning and removing spilled food debris.

3. Store garbage in sturdy closed hermetic containers.

4. Check heat sources such as heating, water heaters, kitchen.

5. Design and proper maintenance of drains and sanitation systems to avoid the attraction of rodents.

6. Place barriers along cables and pipes to prevent rodents from entering.

7. Holes and cracks must be sealed with rodent resistant materials.

8. A constant level of cleanliness must be maintained, especially in areas where food is handled and/or consumed (Dining Rooms and Kitchens).

9. In places where food is accumulated (Pantries and Kitchens), change their position every 2 months and isolate them so that they are not accessible to rodents.

10. The doors and windows of the building, it is necessary to make sure that they close well, with the minimum gap with the ground and of material resistant to rodents, to prevent their entry. Make sure, do not leave leftover food for pets.

The rooms and children’s classrooms should also be as empty as possible of school supplies, books, toys, and stuffed animals to avoid accumulations that serve as hiding places.

Do not store food in them even if they are in closed plastic cans. Store plasticine, wax crayons, cellulose material (toilet paper, wet or dry wipes …), glue in resistant airtight boxes.

Despite these tips, if you cannot get rid of rats, the best option is to call a professional Rat pest control service.

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